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Become a member!

Join our studio today

and start printing.


Membership is £50 per year, and gives you full access to the studio and it's facilities (during opening hours)

Access to the studio means you have -

  • time and space for print preparation; designing stencils, coating and exposing screens, cutting paper, mixing inks.

  • Bookable screen print sessions. Print sessions are 3 hours long, and can be booked and paid up to two weeks in advance. A print bed will be assigned to you alone for the session!

  • Access to the RISO machine

  • Storage for inks, materials and small amounts of prints.

  • 10% discount on courses and workshops.

  • Cheap printing supplies from our store.

  • The opportunity to sell prints in our studio shop.

We also host several print fairs and other events each year which showcase the artists that print with us, and other local artists!

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